September 9, 2010

so it begins

this is a day of firsts, my first blog posting, first day of classes in my senior year of college, first time being an ra and first time driving my car with only a donut tire on.

i am excited yet slightly nervous about having a blog. i will have a hard time posting on a regular basis but i'm excited for the challenge.

school has started which means that classes are under way now, i have been at school now for just over a week and a half. lets just say that i am ready for classes and dare i say homework! i believe that this year at school will be a wonderful growing experience. i know God has a wonderful plan i just need to trusting him and accept his will. it has been a somewhat difficult start going into this year as the majority of my close friends have all graduated or moved on to a different stage in life. this had left me feeling very alone in a place i loved to be. however i realized that i was not the physical place that i loved so much as it was the people surrounding me that i loved.

being an ra is part of the plan that God has for me to grow this year. my dorm is filled with some amazing girls and i know that new friendships are going to! pray for me as i start this new journey at school. pray for my girls as many of them are freshmen, they too are on a journey.

my car! oh my car... it seems to me that cars only give me grief. i am currently on my third car after replacing the engine this past summer i now have to buy new tires because the ones i have are shot. this wouldn't be so problematic but as noted earlier, i'm a college student! therefore i am not a fountain of endless money, this seems to be what my car needs. so today before my class i hope to go and get new tires for my car and not spend a fortune!

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