June 8, 2012


 hey friends thought i would pop in on this beautiful rainy friday morning to share a few of my favorites from this week...
 this super simple DIY from Sew Caroline

Heather shares some great ways to welcome summer!

 absolutely adore these free prints from pen & paint

   there were some new cuties added to owls & lilies

i may have treated myself to a pair .... or four of these adorable earrings that hannah makes

it is friday so be sure to PARTAY and DANCE!!
 (a few little signs we made for the wedding photo booth)


  1. great picks...loved that DIY and printable :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. loved Caroline's DIY, Lindsay's printable, and I'm seriously coveting several pairs of Hannah's earrings!! We must have pretty similar tastes. ;)

    Have a fantastic weekend, Amber!


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