August 27, 2013

5 months

 how can it even be that this sweet baby boy is 5 months old?!

 if you saw micah today he would most likely:
 have one hand in his mouth and the other on his foot
be sucking his lower lip
stick his tongue at you with a bit smile on his face
show off his sweet little dimple on his left cheek
toot and drool on you
try and grab your spoon or fork if you are eating
 this sweet boy weighs 16 lbs 13oz
rolls over
babbles and laugh and get so excited when daddy comes home
loves being thrown up in the air
sits up
chases his toys 
knocks over towers we build
sucks his thumb
gets so distracted when nursing
eats solids - and loves them!

he will be happy as long as momma is in sight
micah loves:
dancing with momma
zerburts from daddy
when his cousins tickle him
bath time
swimming at the pool
helping momma crochet

baby boy you are so loved words cannot even begin to express it! 
we pray for you daily and thank God for blessing us with you.
we love being your momma and daddy!

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