September 8, 2011

welcome fall

hello friends!

well its hard to believe that school is in full swing yet again. however there were a few changes made. i am not a student this semester. it turns out that the class that i was told repeatedly that i needed in order to graduate is no longer being offered. i had been left in the dark about it. so i get to take a replacement class that is only offered next semester along with the other two classes that i am taking.

so job hunting begins....again.

i am however living on campus with one of my friends in a basement suite and it is sweet. hee hee. we have had a blast decorating, organizing and having friends over.
pictures to come.

i am now officially a vegetarian!

i am very excited about this. this is my first tiem living on my own so that i am able to cook for myself and not be an inconvenience to cook for. so i am being a veggie. so far so good.
alot of people ask me why i would want to be a vegetarian and i say why not? i am not planning on doing it for life. i just want to try it out for a year and cross it off my list of things to do.

be sure to check out mah friend here and read about how she is following the Lords calling in her life as she is preparing to do missions in Europe.

happy fall friends!
blessings & hugs,

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