October 21, 2011

little blessings

I think that noticing the little things in life are so important
If we pass them by we are missing so many sweet little blessings


enjoying a some wonderful gelato on a warm fall day
watching the sun setlooking at your baby sister (who isn't so baby anymore) sleeping on your lap
walking through the woods on a beautiful fall day
being able to see the miracle of leaves changing and the beauty that is in thatbeing able to have candles flickering away as i crochet and sip on tea, i.love.it.
having a charlie brown pumpkin at the front door to greet me every time i come home
sweet baby faces
have two able hands so that i can creategetting my great great grandmas sewing kitbeing able to sit around and enjoy the first game of the winnipeg jets
enjoy some wonderful pumpkin pie at thanksgiving
what a blessing to be able and privileged enough that i am able to go to school and as a result have home... if only i could always view it that way
enjoy each moment
live in each moment


  1. Amen! Beautiful pics. I am trying to live in the moment too....Found you through Life Rearranged.

  2. this makes me want to go home right now!

  3. What a joy and blessing to spend time with family...can't wait for the holidays! Happy Friday :)

  4. LOVE the title of your blog + love your pictures! :)

    Hi! I'm stopping by from aisle to aloha link up party and am stopping to say hello & show some blog follow love!

    Des, www.manoymetal.blogspot.com


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