October 20, 2011

sorry its been so long

Hello everyone!!

i am sorry it has been so long!

i do have some exciting things to show you though...

there are some new lovelies added in the shop!!

slouchy beanie i absolutely love the blue yarn this is made of.
lil' pumpkin hat - perfect for your little pumpkin
marvelous mustard slouchy beanie - there is also an olive green one available pictured left

i love making custom orders so please shoot me an email at abranconier@hotmail.ca or leave me a comment here. i'm starting to get busy with Christmas orders coming in so please get your request in soon so i have time to make just what you want and get it to you in time for Christmas.

be sure to check them out and the other goodies in the shop.


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  1. Those are lovely Amber! Do you also call these tuques (pronounced tukes)? I met a few Canadians when I went to Peru who called them that. :) Beautiful creations!


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