August 27, 2012

happy monday

hello friends! 
happy monday to you all hope you had a great weekend. i know i did. i got so much done on saturday and enjoy great times with friends. clint and i haven't had a weekend at home since we have been married and it felt great to not have to be anywhere and just relax, catch up on house work, and bake!
 i'm thinking that this 5 ingredients, 5 mins veggie laksa may be on the menu this week.

 this stamp would be so perfect for all the thank you cards that we i will be mailing out within the next couple weeks

i am loving this post and this post, love it when people keep it real. 

i will be making these yummy drinks this fall, bring on the cooler weather!

i would love to have this set and this set of lovely washi tape *wink, wink*

hope you all have a very lovely monday! 

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  1. I LOVE that stamp! So fun :) Bring on the cooler weather indeed!

  2. Awe, I'm loving that stamp! Perfect for newlyweds ;)


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