August 20, 2012

some catch up

 lately life has been busy as summer is winding down 
that is why i have been a bit quiet around these parts.
 i have been enjoying bestie time, sister time, husband time, and baking time

i have been sporting my happy days earring this summer and love them! 
you should probably get a pair, or five

 family parties are always a good time.
we were able to celebrate two cute nieces birthdays this past weekend.
i also got to snuggle with our newest niece and 
my brother in law decided to sport his daughters cute clip
this soup
is to die for
if you live in manitoba or if you ever travel to winnipeg you must stop at 
everything there is absolutely amazing!

this weeks goal is to get all our thank you cards written up, 
this task may be slightly difficult considering i have lost one of the lists of people to thank. 
i hope it shows up somewhere soon!

some things i am looking forward to this week are:
sending my mugswap package away / possibly getting mine
surprise dinner date with my dad 
(he doesn't read this here blog so i can share with out ruining the surprise)
printing off some of these pretties

what are you looking forward to this week?


  1. those cinnamon rolls look SO good. :)
    and i LOVE happy days earrings. haha!

    just got word from your swapper that your mug will be on its way very shortly. :)

  2. Yes...the cinnamon rolls..drool. And these pics are too cute with personality!


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