April 23, 2013

choosing to find joy

i have neglected this space over the last little while. it hasn't been intentional but the way life has been lately hasn't really allowed me to sit down at a computer. however i was looking at my blog today and read the little tag line under my blog title 'finding joy in the everyday'.
i knew life would get crazy after micah was born but i wasn't expecting that we would be moving the same month as well! our little family of three hasn't been at home very much at all. we have been staying at our parents places so that clint doesn't have to drive so far for work each day. however, this has put me into a bit of a funk. we haven't been able to find a normal, we haven't been able to get settled and live our life as a wee little family of three.

this month has flown by and i have just been a big basket of stress because our life isn't the way i had pictured it to be. to add to the stress there is still tons of packing to be done since we haven't been home, we move in four days!
i have been disappointed that life isn't going the way i had wanted it to.
all of the above are excuses though.
i haven't been looking at the sweet little joys in each day and the many ways that God is blessing us each day.
so today i choose to change my attitude.
today i choose to find the little joys in my day.
a few little joys from today
.sweet snuggles with my bebe micah.
.being able to get my wedding rings off because my fingers aren't swollen any more.
.the smell of chicken roasting for supper.
.napping while micah napped.
.sweet baby breath.
.iced coffee & ice cream sandwishes.


  1. your are beautiful! keep joy finding, my friend. love you!

  2. :) Loved the Etsy finds. Hope your move goes well and you start to feel a bit more settled into a routine soon! I can't wait to get snuggles with my little one, sounds lovely.


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