April 15, 2013

moving with a newborn

this is what life looks like for us right now
trying to soak up every moment with micah
a crazy messy house because we are moving in two weeks.

apparently we like change to happen all at once. clint got a new job in a town that is much closer to our families, so we jumped at the opportunity. clint has already started his new job so we are staying at his parents place some nights and my mom's some nights so that the commute isn't as long. then we go home for a few days to pack up more stuff. 

it's kinda crazy but soon we will be settled and have a place to call home again.
i am so thankful that micah is such a good baby and sleeps well. trying to keep a routine is a bit difficult but we are making it work. 


  1. I moved when my son was just a few weeks old too...it was crazy but it gave us a much better living situation so it was a blessing! Praying for safety and health for you all as you make this move! P.S. Micah is adorable!

  2. Now you just need a new puppy. ;)


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