December 11, 2013

7 & 8 Months

i finally found my camera cord from our move so i can post these!!

7 months

i love this kid more and more each day! i can't even put into words the way i feel.

micah loves:
toys that make noise
reading books
being naked
bath time

micah dislikes:
not being able to see momma or dada
the cold air

army crawls 
says nanana (mom) adadada (dad)
flicks light switches
weighs 20 lbs 5.5oz

8 months

micah blows me away each day! his mind is a little sponge which is amazing a terrifying all at the same time.

micah likes:
feeding him self
bath time // pulling the plug
seeing his friends
high fives

micah dislikes:
the cold
playing alone
getting his diaper changed

pulls himself up and walks along furniture
signs milk & dad
fake laughs
still toothless!

momma and dada love you little bug! you make us better people each day.

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