December 17, 2013

momma thoughts & cute pictures

this post is for me, if it doesn't make sense just ignore it and look at the cute pictures of micah

this incredibly cute kid has been very trying over the past week. 
i am learning more about myself than i care to but i guess that it all part of parenting right?

 i am realizing more than ever that this sweet scrunchie faced boy is a mirror and he will mirror not only the good but the bad. i am doing some serious praying that i can be the mom he needs me to be. so that as he grows up he will be a man who seeks the face of Christ and wants to serve Him in all he does. a man who will not just get angry when he is frustrated but instead will fall to his knees in prayer. a man who will love fiercely no matter the circumstances. a man who will act justly, love mercy and walk humbly (micah 6:8 - the verse i pray for him) 

 in order for that to happen i need to be a momma who seeks the face of Christ, fall to my knees in pray, love like Christ loves us, act justly, love mercy and walk humbly. i wish it was simple. i wish that it didn't take going through trials to be that person. as i pray for these things i know that i am praying for hard times, times that will test me and shape me. i know that there will be more tears shed and that i will not do it perfectly. i know i will fail.

thankfully God is so good and he forgives freely when i mess up. he will embrace me again and will continue to shape me into the momma micah needs. micah too is so gracious and loving and forgives the way i wish i could, the way i should. 

being a momma is no easy job but it is the best job and i wouldn't change a thing!

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  1. I find the frustrating moments the hardest, and they pick up on our attitude, moods and heart so quick. Great post, praying with you! :)


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