May 27, 2015

33 weeks

sweet bee it is so hard to believe that you are 33 weeks old already! time is flying by - you get the hiccups, a lot - big brother loves to kiss you goodnight - he also tries to show you off when we go shopping - he loves putting lotion on my belly that feels like you may rip out of - you really like radishes, just like your brother did - the doctors say you are big, which scares momma just a little bit - you seem to think that mommas ribs is the perfect place to push your sweet bum into - you also like to keep momma nice and toasty warm but the weather is also doing a great job of that too, water, fans, and shade are my friends right now - we might get to see your sweet self in a couple weeks if you don't flip head down, i'd love to see you one last time before we hold you in our arms but also would love if you would go head down sooner than later - oh sweet bee we love you so much and pray for you everyday

if you want to get your guesses in about baby bumble bee and see what other people are guessing 

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