November 17, 2010

winter is here

well today was the first day of snow! which is so exciting because it means winter is here! with winter comes many wonderful things, such as:
  • my birthday
  • hor frost
  • snow angels
  • skating
  • skiing
  • snowball fights
  • hot chocolate
  • CHRISTmas
so so exciting! i have been in a Christmas mood for sometime now and with that comes Christmas music, only 2 gifts shy of completing my Christmas shopping, and of course Christmas cards! here are a few that i have done this past week.

{Christmas card no.1}
{Noel, little forest}
{pink holidays}
as i had mentioned my birthday is coming up but so is my wonderful grandma's as well as my grandpa's so here are their birthday cards.
{grandma's birthday card}
{grandpa's birthday card}
have a wonderful rest of the week!
be blessed!

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