January 25, 2011

25 by 25

so i've been snowed in at my boyfriend's, which i haven't minded at all. his niece and nephews have been here and its been fun hanging out with them. i was browsing the web a bit and came across the idea of making a goals list. sooo i made a 25 by 25 goals list. 25 goals by my 25th birthday which is november 30, 2014.

so heres the list

  1. graduate with a BA
  2. go winter camping in manitoba
  3. pay off student loans
  4. become a vegetarian
  5. boycott chain department stores
  6. complete a 'granny squares' afghan
  7. make all homemade gifts for one year of birthdays /Christmas
  8. run a 5k
  9. hand write letters instead of using social networking
  10. work out regularly
  11. start selling my hand made goodies
  12. make more hand made
  13. own snow shoes and use them
  14. learn French
  15. learn guitar
  16. ride a train
  17. visit australia
  18. learn to make pottery
  19. grow my own herb garden
  20. cook my way through a cook book
  21. read 3 books a year
  22. do a 365 photo project
  23. go on an MDS trip
  24. keep up with scrapbooking my life
  25. get married

i'll keep you posted as i get these goals completed

bold - means they are completed

thanks for looking
what are some goals you are making for yourself?

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