January 19, 2011

on the go

i am starting to feel overwhelmed as this semester is in full force now. my classes have a lot of reading and assignments, i suppose that is all part of being a third year student. i have been sick for nearly four and a half weeks now, i think i have had every cold and flu that is going around.

anyways, at the beginning of february the student council is putting on Missio Dei, which is to raise money and awareness for mission organization. one of the events for Missio Dei is an art action. last year was the first year they did one and it went over very well but there was only a few participants. this year they are wanting the event to be bigger with a wider arrange of crafts and arts. sooo they have asked me to make cards to sell. this is a really great way for me to use up my stash of scraps and such. it's been lots of fun!
{my lovely desk in a mess}

i also have been working on granny squares to make a blanket possibly. i'm not to sure yet and my yarn stash is running low so we will be how things go with that. making granny squares is just so simple, i find it very relaxing its a great way to wind down after a day of classes, assignments and reading.
{my growing pile}

lastly i have a little surprise i'm making. i'm excited to see how it will turn out. i will show the final product!
{my materials for the surprise}
there is also a great giveaway over at scrap it girl check it out!

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