January 11, 2011


well the semester is underway, i have my syllabi for all my classes sprawled across my desk so i can figure out the next four months of my life on paper. i have printed off the first of many MANY readings for one of my classes, thus im blogging because i really don't want to read right now, but they are printed that is a huge accomplishment in itself. while i was procrastinating i was checking up on blogs and BAM my name appears under the winners list at pamela's blog * sit silently frozen and in disbelief, then proceed to screaming* why would i be so excited about this well, it is my very first time winning blog candy, WOO HOO!, and this is a HUGE blessing! i found out yesterday that i am super seriously broke and that penny pinching would be at an all time high for this gal. scrapbooking and card making are two ways that i love to encourage people and so mostly everything i make gets given away, so to win this amazing prize is just a huge blessing. another wonderful blessing that i had today was while going around figuring out stuff for school i ran into my dear friends, i know that they had taken a class that i needed textbooks for and she is letting me borrow one and gave me a seriously amazing deal on the other one. ah i am so blessed.
i am so baffled at the way that God is in control of every tiny detail of my life. He shows Him self in the most unexpected situations. although things can be so stressful figuring out how to meet certain financial needs and trying to plan for the not so distant future (april: need to find a place to live and a job) i know that i can trust in the Lord for He is with me. 1 Peter 5:7 is a great reminder, 'cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you' it's plain and simple but most importantly so true. unfortunately it is also something that i forget far to often. God's sense of humor is just so great because who would have guessed that winning blog candy and saving $70 on a textbooks would have reminded me of just how faithful the Lord is.

so i hope that your weeks are filled with big and little blessings that allow you to be able to see how Christ is at work in your life and is ever present.

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