November 4, 2011

life as of late

This week has flown by, for goodness sakes it November already and I live in Canada and we still have no snow! I'm not complaining but its weird. I have never had a birthday without snow so we will see if this is the year. I still have a couple weeks but we have been having +13 weather as of late.
Halloween was such fun i hung out with great friends and dressed up as Pocahontas. Even though its been nice out I still love curling up with a cup of tea and a blanket, its just that time of year.
it is also the time to bake, bake, bake
if you have been looking at my 25 by 25 list i am trying to do a year of handmade gifts, Christmas is posing to be difficult for this but i'm trying to find time to make something for everyone in my big attempt at an i phone snuggie I found these cuties the other dayAnd you know me i always have to have a sky picture

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