November 8, 2011

perfect day

good morning!!

we got our first snow fall got me really excited
i put christmas music on
started making some christmas cards
got my leg warmers out
did some christmas shopping
had a great evening with clint, his sister and brother in law
and to end it all off went to a matt good concert

the concert hall was built in 1906 and they have kept it looking beautiful
i didn't want to brave the icy roads so i spent the night in the city
so this morning im catching up with dear friends and sippin some nice strong coffee
since im still chillin in the city ill do some christmas shopping and such before the malls get to busy but i just need to pick up a few things since this year im trying to do handmade gifts

what handmade gift ideas do you have? leave me a link if you have tutorials on your blog i'd love to see some different ideas

have a fantastic tuesday!


  1. This year we're going to try to do more heartfelt handmade things as well. =) Nice to know I'm not alone. Yay for your first snowfall! I like snow just about once a year.....and then I'm done. Good thing I live in the south. I live for MILD winters. =) Good luck with your Christmas shopping!

  2. Thanks for the ideas for the names on the stockings! I will definitely give those a try. Also, I am so jealous that you have snow!

  3. wow...snow. i am just not ready for it yet. i am hoping fall hangs on a bit longer here. oh, i really need to egt on my christmas shoping and making...really...i just can't make myself do it yet. thanks for coffee this morning!

  4. I miss you. Just thought you should know! Thank you for sharing your life and updating things. It makes me happy! :) Love you friend!


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