September 26, 2012

all things pumpkin

as the cool breeze blows in my window and i hear the geese flying south i am reminded that fall is upon us, and i couldn't be more excited!
i love the changing season and this season means pumpkins!
i am in love with all things pumpkin! 
clint keeps coming home and our pumpkin display has grown.
i just can't get enough.
are you ready for an all things pumpkin post??
well here it is!

 pumpkin spice pancakes! oh yummm-o!
 instead of carving pumpkins you can use cloves or metal brads to decorate your pumpkin.

 maple and pumpkin married together in tart form. pure bliss!
how about you treat yourself to some pumpkin spice sugar scrub?

 sweet little pumpkin candles would be perfect to decorate your table for a gather

pumpkin spice latte - vegan and non vegan recipe.

savory pumpkin feta muffins. let me just wipe the drool of my computer now.
 here are three great recipes to spice up those pumpkin seeds that would others wise get thrown out!
and to end it off with something super sweet.


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  1. Yum! We had the most delicious pumpkin bars last night...they taste like pie w/o crust...heavenly!!!


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