September 15, 2012

fall finds

 as i was browsing the web this week i came across some great fall finds.
 this adorable paper pumpkin would be fun to make
 print these fall pretties for your home
 pumpkin pie oatmeal. enough said.
 i'll be sewing more now that the temps are dropping so this pin cousin would be a welcome addition.

 it's never to early to start thinking about wrapping paper
someone is getting the brianna under the tree this year.
go check out the great fall line from threads

i wouldn't mind finding this or this or this or this under my tree.

i'm making a birthday dessert next week and i think this apple pecan dump cake looks perfect.

happy weekend friends!

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  1. what great finds, Amber! all those recipes have me longing for lunch and it's not even 8:30am! I love pumpkin pie oatmeal!


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