September 24, 2012

this week...

 this week...

 ...i will finish this pallet shelf my sweet husband started for me

... we will celebrate our friends birthday

 ... i will hang this free printable on my wall

... i will hopefully get caught up on the galatians readings for #shereadstruth

... i will finish the cowl i started on the weekend using this pattern.

...i will thinking about this post as the week goes on and company comes over.

 ... herbed spaghetti squash will be devoured for supper

... we will say see you later to a dear friend moving overseas to teach english
 ... these sweet note cards will be printed and mailed out

... and pumpkin pie will be enjoyed.

what are your plans for the week?
anything out of the ordinary happening?

i hope you have a great week either way.

**one week from today there will be a big announcement
 so be sure to come back and check out what's happening

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  1. looove the pallet shelf, the cowl & those cute notecards! hope your week goes well, sounds like it'll be a pretty fun one. :) {hugs!}

  2. oh, and I also love your blog design! the arrows are just too cute!


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