June 24, 2013

anniversary weekend recap

 this weekend marked our first anniversary! we decided to have a little family weekend getaway. it was so much fun to have a weekend with nothing planned and to adventure around at our own pace.

we hit the road and drove a few hours away to kenora, ontario.  it was micah's first time going to a different province, so of course we had to document it. he was such a good little travel buddy.

 we of course had to take our picture with husky the musky. i propped the camera on a picnic table and ran to get in the picture. it was the best we could do. the beauty that surrounded us was amazing. as a kid i would go camping here with my family. i have many memories of this place. it's exciting that i am able to make memories with my own family now at this same place.

 another first for micah this weekend was going swimming. he had just poked himself in the eye really hard so he has a scowl but i think he enjoyed it. he didn't cry and the water was cold, so that's a good sign. hopefully we will be able to hit up the beach and pool a lot this summer. 

we were able to enjoy a lot of walking and taking in the beauty around us. can you spot the fawn?

we will be back! if not for the nature, relaxed paced living, then definitely for the nutella filled perogies @twistedperogy

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