June 28, 2013

summer gift guide

today we have a guest sharing about 8 perfect summer time gifts.
lets welcome Kristin.

I am a mommy of two and love to be active with my family, especially in the summer. I am a freelance writer and went to college to study writing as a minor. In my free time I write, bake, and garden.

8 Awesome Summer Time Birthday Gifts to Give
There is nothing I love more than giving a unique gift to someone I care about. I want the person to know that I really went the extra mile to fine something that fits their personality and style perfectly. When someone has a birthday in the summer, the possibilities are really endless. Here are eight awesome summertime birthday gifts.
1.     iPhone case: Everyone loves getting tech-centric gifts. Instead of just going to the mall and picking up a standard iPhone case, I like to add a personal twist to it. I order customized iPhone cases on Shutterfly.com. This way I can add photos to it or someone’s initials. It makes for a really unique gift and everyone knows you can’t just pick something like this up without some forethought.

2.     Tote bag: When summer rolls around, there will certainly be plenty of trips to the beach, the pool, or the lake. And a must-have is a solid tote to carry everything. While it sounds like a boring gift at first, you can really make it custom by creating the ultimate totebag from L.L. Bean. Their custom “Boat and Tote” bag is a personalized twist on their classic tote bag. You can pick the color of the bag, the color of the handles, and add the person’s initials or name.

3.     Sea glass necklace: Another great summer treat when you are on the beach is finding sea glass.  Sea glass is glass that has been weathered by the beach and either fresh or salt water. Over time the glass becomes naturally frosted. Many people collecct sea glass when they see it on the beach and some even use it to make jewelry. That’s exactly what White Light Productions has done. They create beautiful jewelry from sea glass.

4.     Baseball cufflinks: Nothing says summer like baseball. And the man in your life will definitely appreciate these baseball cufflinks. What makes these really unique, however, is that they are made from baseballs used at actual major league games. This will make for a impressive gift!

5.     Cruiser bicycle: When I was little, my first bike was a Huffy. I rode that bike until I was too tall for it and needed a new one. Huffy now has an awesome Panama Jack version of the classic cruiser bicycle. This is the perfect bicycle for the summer! Everytime I head down the shore I see vacationers riding up and down the boardwalk on cruisers. The special person who receives this as a birthday gift will definitely appreciate it!

6.     Baby beach chair: There are plenty of great summer birthday gifts for the kids. Every little boy or girl needs their own beach chair. It is also important to have an umbrella nearby to keep away the sun’s strong rays. What makes this chair and umbrella set unqiue is that you can have it customized with the little beach goer’s name and design! Whether they love going fishing or picking flowers, you can have this set customized to exactly their liking.

7.     BBQ sauce: Anyone who loves to grill in the summer knows that a quality BBQ sauce is critical. While it may sound like a silly gift, anyone who is a grill aficionado will certainly appreciate BBQ sauce from Rufus Teague. Even the pickiest of sauce fans will find something they like in this complete line of sauces. 
8. Grill: The ultimate summer birthday gift is of course the grill! And of course the ultimate grill will obviously come from the top grill manufacturer – Weber. The Performer Grill will surely impress any grill chef and is definitely the top summer birthday

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