June 6, 2013

two months (a week late)

my sweet little monkey is two month old! 
how did this happen? time needs to slow down. 
i fall more in love with him every day. 

i am two months old. 
i hate tummy time. 
i love bath time. 
i think chewing on blankets is lots of fun.
i love to smile and squirm about. 
i do not like my soother.
i like to talk and tell stories.
i anticipate zerburts from daddy when he comes home.
i know that when i wake up from my nap mommy is going to eat my cheeks...everytime! 
this sweet boy makes my heart swell.
i love him.


  1. What a cute little man :) He is getting so big!

  2. that quilt is just precious! and he's looking so big in those jeans :) love it!


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