July 8, 2013

micah // 3 months

this cutie pie turned 3 months a little while ago and i am just now posting... oops!

this little man gave his first giggles to daddy, rolled over for the first time, loves his jolly jumper, has been transitioned to cloth diapers, loves when daddy comes home, enjoys sleeping on our walks, chews his thumb and pointer finger, has a dimple, loves to smile, eyes up our food, visited another province and kicks his way across the room. 

we love you little man. you are filled with so much joy and are so sweet and tender when you tell us stories. you bring so much joy into our lives and we pray for you daily. 


  1. So cute! We transitioned to cloth diapers this month as well. Oh my he kicks himself across the room?! He is ready to be in the move!


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