July 12, 2013

snip-its and thoughts

is it just me or did this week fly by?! 
so crazy that another week has come and gone. 

with another week done it is bitter sweet. that means my baby is growing and i want to savor every possible minute i can with him. time goes by way to fast when there is a baby in your life. 
do you agree?? 
on the other hand it means we are one week closer to moving into a place we can call our own. no we aren't moving anytime soon, although i really wish we were. if you follow me on instagram you know i love the town we have just moved to. it is such a great little community with great walking paths and the friendliest people. i just really don't like the place we are renting. i have tried to make it feel like home but we just don't feel settled here and 'at home'. when we moved we purposely choose to rent instead of buy so that we could scout out the town and figure out the busy and calm areas, the nice neighborhoods and hopefully find the perfect spot to raise our growing boy.
 my cutie pie and i // thumb sucker // post walk smoothie // happy mail from the adopt shoppe

moving was such a crazy time clint got the call that he got a new job while i was in labor. so went home with a new baby, trying to figure out being a family of three all the while have to pack up our life and move. we had been wanting to move so that we would be closer to our families since little man was about to join our life.  we knew that God was going to do everything in his timing. but seriously the timing of it all was just crazy! it had to be a God thing because there is no way we would have timed it out this way.

 baby boy is 15 week!?! 

so, for now we live in a trailer park. that alone has such a stigma. living in a trailer is one thing, living in a trailer park is another, or maybe that's just my judgmental thinking. however this trailer park is really great, our neighbors are so friendly. we live amongst A LOT of retired couples who spend their days cutting their grass, weeding their flower beds and sipping coffee on their decks. i'm so thankful we don't live amongst a bunch of rowdy party animals, which is what i think of when i think trailer park, again judgmental but just being honest.
diaper changing time // got stuck in a down pour while on our walk, clint came and drove us home // cloth diaper folding with a great view // scripture to hang in our house from the lovely words

so maybe God's timing was perfect?! this was the only place to rent, that wasn't a tiny apartment, when we moved.

 maybe God is trying to teach me 
that i am full of pride,
i am judgmental,
to be content,
be joyful always,
that i need to trust Him in all things,
and that i need to let go of thinking i am in control.

this is where God has placed us right now and i need to accept that. i need to allow myself to be used by him, to build relationship, be thankful for the a roof over our head, and to enjoy making memories where we are currently. 

what has God been teaching you lately?
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  1. 15 weeks have surely flown by and he looks like he's doing great! The only thing that matters is that you have a roof over your head and you're doing the best for yourself and your son. Hope you're having a great weekend! btw just started following on Twitter as well. :)


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