May 17, 2011

breaky-coffee-tea date

Hello friends!
If we were meeting for a breaky date I would be having peppermint tea with honey please! It just so happened that i woke up with a bit of a stuffy nose and a scratch in my throat. I suppose that this is one of the perks of working at a day care. Another wonderful perk is that I would actually have time to go out and have a breaky/coffee/yea date because work, for me, doesn't start til 10:30.
{clearly not pep tea but a yummy drink I had a while back}
I would probably also tell you that I am loving my job so far. I have been working at the day care for a week now and love every minute of it. Kids are just the best! They say the most hilarious things, do the most hilarious things, and they love to love! (There are always hugs being given!)

I would also tell you that I am reading One Thousand Gifts, or at least trying to. You must know that I do not enjoy reading but I have heard so many wonderful things about this one that I had to give it a try. When I went to buy it that lady said this book will change your life. So maybe I'm a bit scared to dive right in. Growing and being stretched are good but can be very scary at the same time.

And I would like to tell you that I am trying to grow as many herbs this summer so that I will be able to freeze them and use them through out the year. My mom is also growing some produce for me. It is very exciting since I am going to try my hand in vegetarianism for a while. It's on my list of 25 by 25.

Oh my I have been chatting, what about you?! What is new in your life? What are you going through right now? What would you tell me if we were having a breaky/coffee/tea date this morning?

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