June 9, 2015

35 weeks

it's hard to believe that in 5 weeks, give or take,  we will be holding you in our arms. where has the time gone? - the other day i drank a bunch of water and you started squirming around and we could hear the water sloshing around, Micah thought it was pretty funny and is always asking if there is 'waka waka' in there with you - this past week you had momma wondering if you were going to make an early appearance with two straight days of contractions, thankfully you decided to stay in there a little bit longer, probably because you heard your brother throwing a tantrum and decided to stay were it was a bit more peaceful - you sure do love radishes and ice just like your brother did - you get the hiccups several times a day and it's so fun to watch my belly pop up and down and know exactly where your chest is - we sure are wondering what you are going to look like, will you look like your brother or have your very own look? - either way we can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks and nose - sweet little bee, you are so so loved! 

when will bee come? is a bee a boy or girl? how much will bee weigh?
get your guesses in and see what others are guessing too! 

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