June 12, 2015

life lately

lately life seems to be flying by. it might have something to do with trying to take in everything we can now that the weather is so great, or maybe it's because i'm always on my toes waddling after a toddler, or it could be a combo of the two. micah is just so much fun right now, his personality is bursting and it's so fun discovering more about him every day. i am trying to treasure these last few weeks we have together just the two of us during the day while daddy is at work. some days can be so long but i always look for the bright moments during the day and try to stash those in the memory bank instead of the moments that i lost my cool because the 10th tantrum of the day was due to not ripping the toilet paper the correct way.

micah has decided that he wants to use the potty now and so he does. i am so proud of my little man and how he just decided one day that he wanted to wear 'daddy' underwear. there is still the odd accident here and there but over all he is doing an amazing job.

micah is a big help when it comes to watering the garden. he drag the hose all over and waters everything... everything! his slide gets a good washing almost daily because there is 'yucky poop' from the birds, the car also gets a good watering on a regular basis.he does also water the flowers and weeds and lawn. i also find myself getting sprayed regularly.

micah loves colouring, being at the shop, driving his bike, playing in his sand/water table, going for walks, hugging and kissing the baby, pretending to be a baby, blowing bubbles, barkley (the neighbours dog), and just being goofy! it is so much fun being his mom. i can't wait to see him in the role of big brother. i think he is going to do an amazing job!

i guess life lately is all about micah,

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