June 17, 2015

36 weeks

wow sweet bee you are now 36 old, officially 'full term' which means you can come at any time! - i'd love to have you in my arms sooner rather than later but i know that God has the perfect day for you to come - i've been having contractions on and off for a while now hopefully they are doing something - it's been fun being able to tell exactly what body part is jabbing me here and there, your little knee can pack a punch! - we are getting so excited to kiss your sweet cheeks - daddy tells me at night that he is just can't wait any more -  micah makes sure you come with us in the car when we go places, he doesn't want you left behind! thankfully you are pretty easy to tote around with us - we can't wait to meet you and get to know you - you are so loved and so perfect just the way you are 

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