July 19, 2012

a simple prayer

 there are so many big and little things in life that i so easily take for granted.

 clouds for shade.
green trees.

beautiful unique flowers.
gorgeous sun sets hand painted by God for us.
iced lattes.

earthly possesions.
material things.

 a place to call home.

 sweet baby cuddles.

 the freedom to play out side with out fear.

 road trips.

 the ability to crochet.

 a job that i love.

healthy food.
friends to share meals with.

wide open skies.
an evening summer breeze.
a different sunset every night.

thank you Lord for blessing me with more than i could ever need.
please help me to be more aware of my blessings and to use them to bless others.

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  1. such a great reminder. stopping by from coffee date

  2. Stopping by from the coffee date too! Such sweet reminders. I taught myself to crochet last year, it is a great relaxer for me! Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos and a beautiful message. Thanks! Stopping by from Rags to Stitches. Have a great weekend!

  4. you're so right! we have so much to be grateful for :) hope you had a restful weekend!


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