July 23, 2012

one month:: wedding pictures

wow time has passed quickly! clint and i have already been married for a month. it has truly been and amazing month but where has the time gone?
i thought i would share some of my favorite wedding pictures to celebrate our one month of marriage. i am absolutely in love with the pictures that our amazing photographer captured! 

i am so glad that one month ago i was able to marry my best friend and start this amazing new chapter in life with him. i am so thankful that God placed such an amazing man in my life and that we get to journey together through it all.
some things that i am learning and being reminded about clint:
this man l.o.v.e.s. his sleep, i knew that before but didn't realize how much!
he is not easily angered 
organization, not his strong point
he cares about how our home is decorated
 he is beyond laid back
he talks, turns lights on, and has whole conversations in his sleep

some things i am learning and being reminded about myself:
i am not good at sitting down and relaxing, there is also something that needs to be done!
meal planning is my new best friend
i am a morning person
i don't need much sleep to function
i love having fresh flowers in the house
 everything has a place, i love organization

 our first month of marriage has been fantastic and i am excited to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man. i am excited to see what our future holds, where God will lead us and the amazing adventurous we will go on.

clinton i am glad that you choose me to share your life with! 
i love you!

photographer: andrea sawatzky personal blog // photography blog
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  1. Your dress is beautiful and ALL the photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing these lovelies with us!!!

  2. so sweet, amber!! you are such a beautiful bride. i love that pic of you looking up at your new husband. your face is precious. :)

  3. one month already? time does fly! & these pictures are SO beautiful! I think my favorite is that first one with him kissing your hand, so sweet. :)

    p.s. my hubby is crazy laid back, too...which has it's pros + cons. it takes some getting used to when he doesn't want to make any plans & all i want to do it plan. ;)

  4. Congratulations! I saw your link on Lisa Leonard and glad I stopped by. Such gorgeous pictures!! Love the guys ties!

  5. Wow! Love the photos - they actually gave me the chills. So gorgeous! Congratulations. I found you on The Chatty Mommy Monday link-up. My hubby & I just celebrated 10 years and each day has been better than the last. Seriously, marriage is awesome!

  6. Congratulations!
    Thanks for linking up!
    What wonderful pictures!

  7. im a new follower, and i love these pictures. we got married last year, and my wedding was outside and the pics are so similiar to yours! which means we both have awesome taste!

    my husband also has an opinion about decor! ughhhhhh hahaha

  8. Love the pictures, and the captions about what you learned...especially his sleepwalking! :) That's cute. Congrats on your first month together. Hope you have many, many more.


  9. These are gorgeous pics! This is such a special time in your journey together! Congratulations, indeed. Thanks so much for linking up with GraceLaced! ;)


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