July 13, 2012


hey friends sorry its been quite around here lately. i have just been out enjoying the summer and slowly finding a place for everything as we make this basement suite 'our home'.
here are some of the little things that are making me smile.
 on our way home one day we stopped on the side of the road to pick
 wild flowers and pretty grasses.

my tomatoes are slowly growing, they were fried while we were away on our honeymoon so they are a little stunted. i am hoping that with some t.l.c. they will produce wonderfully though.

 fresh picked saskatoons - yum, open skies and prairie fields - i absolutely love that i live where i do!, iced coffee, working on my gallery wall in our living room. where is your favorite place/shop to get prints and pretties for your walls?

 dirty toes at work.
 painting with my hubby and listening to mumford and sons - perfect at home date night.
making chalkboard labels for all my spices and putting them in pretty jars.

these are just a few snip its of life this past week. 
what has been making you smile this week?
this weekend i am hanging out at home unpacking more boxes while clint is at work. then i get to go babysit two little cutie pies in the evening. do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? please share i would love to know!

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  1. i love the prints you have so far for your gallery wall! i recently made a mixed frame collage for our living room wall. i bought some pretty sheet of paper and framed those along with some cute greeting cards. just an idea for you! cute list! :-) p.s. what the heck are saskatoons??

  2. Saskatoons are berries kind of like Blueberries, except way better. In other news, I picked a bunch of wildflowers for my little cousin and her friend when we went quadding one day, I'm pretty sure I'm now her hero.

    1. Turbo I totally went and picked wild flowers again today then Clint and I traveled the gravel roads and ended up in a far away land but the best part was that we found a magic museum! We must go some time!


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