July 24, 2012

coffee date

hey friends lets catch up over a cup of joe, or tea, or a latte? i will be sipping on a coconut latte. there is something so comforting about warm drinks even if it is sweltering outside. if we were having coffee today i would tell you that i am fighting a nasty cold and it is keeping me up at night and all my hacking is keeping clint up too, bleh! 

i would also tell you that i was asked to start selling my crochet goodies in a brick and mortar store! woo!
i am excited about it and have been trying to build up my stash of goodies to sell.
i would also tell you that my momma, sista, and step dad are coming our for supper tonight which means... BBQ and smores! yes please!

 i would ask you how you are soaking in this beautiful summer? i have been loving it! it seems that clint and i are always out somewhere doing something but i wouldn't have it any other way. 
this past weekend we went to the lily festival, yes we are old people at heart and enjoy doing old people things. oh but the flowers were beautiful!
what about you?what have you been busy with this summer?
i would love to catch up with you!


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  1. That's awesome about selling your goodies! Congrats! :)

    Hope you get over your cold soon... being sick is never any fun.



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