July 7, 2012


here are a few wedding pictures that my wonderful uncles took! 
they both happen to be photographers as well. 
so happy they were there to snap pictures of all the goings on.

these signs crack me up! clint and i just kept wrapping jute around until they wouldn't fall down but i love how it looks!
we also had a few blankets there in case any one was chilly. however the day ended up being very hot so blankets were not really necessary. some of my friends asked if it was joke because it was so stinking hot out. 

i love my brother-in-law / best mans smirk here, also daves wild hair!

this is a picture i will forever treasure! 
my sweet baby sister and me! 

i am using a lot of exclamation marks bare with me.

 i loved our center pieces! they were very us (more me but still us).
smoooooooch! we are married woot!
grandpas button was missing, oh well!

so excited about our big cupcake that i blinked! haha
my amazing friend bethany made all there adorable super yummy cupcakes

love bird cake toppers: sweet shelbys

i will be posting more about our wedding once i get the pictures from my photographer. 
she did such an amazing job and i am excited to see all the pictures!

have a great weekend!


  1. amber! you look absolutely GORGEOUS!! i love your dress and your hair. beautiful! so happy for you. your wedding looked so lovely.. i adore all of the little details! congratulations! you and your new husband make the cutest couple! blessings, lora

  2. So beautiful! I love the signs wrapped in jute :) and it looks like you had a beautifulday for an outdoor ceremony, what a blessing! Your dress is beautiful!

  3. Everything looks so pretty! Congrats on getting married! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. I love these photos - it looks like everyone had a blast. Thankfully it didn't rain - I would take the heat over rain on my wedding day! Post more pictures, I want to see more!


  5. Thanks for the sweet praise, friend. :)


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