November 16, 2012


Dear Winter,

Please be nice to us this year. I missed you last year since you didn't send us very much of the white fluffy stuff but was reminded how dangerous you and your beauty can truly be. Thank you for creating a longing in me to drink warm cozy tea though!

Dear Handmade with Purpose Community,

Thank you for sharing with others in need!
It warms my heart and encouraged me to join forces with you.

Dear Shelby,

Thank you for being my prayer partner for the Colossians study over at #shereadstruth. It means so much to have someone I've never met praying for me and my family. You are such a blessing!

Dear Kim,

Thanks for putting together  such a great handmade holiday gift guide! If only my wallet would allow me to take advantage of all those great deals!

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  1. isn't the gift guide awesome?! hope you make some awesome sales from it. :) xoxo!

  2. ^ and i just realized that i used "awesome" twice in five words... oops! ;)


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