November 1, 2012


 i have not reflected on what i am thankful for in a while. 
i really need to get back into this and see the little and big blessings in my day to day life. 
getting to see my sweet baby (who is not so baby anymore) sister this past weekend. 
i love how excited she gets to see me! 
i hate living so far from them.

my job. 
i think i have mentioned this before but i love where i work.
the people make it fantastic.
can you tell we have fun?

surprise packages!
i completely forgot about that scarf swap that i signed up for.
i have been ordering all my christmas presents on etsy so i have been expecting a lot of packages but not for myself. it was a fantastic surprise and my swappy partner blessed my socks off!

coffee dates with my love! 
he was away at a mens retreat last weekend with church and i was so glad to have him back!

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  1. annnnnd now i want some coffee....

  2. It looks like you have some fun people in your life; you lucky woman! Thanks for linking up with me.


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