November 2, 2012

family time & a discount

 this past weekend i was able to send time with my
dad, step mom, bebe sister and bebe brother (neither of which are bebes anymore).
 it was fantastic.
and did my heart some good.
very seldom does it work out that they come to my neck of the wood.

 they came because my brother had a football tournament in the city.
i was more than excited to go cheer him on.
i am not a football fan but i am a brother fan.
i never know what is going on but i just cheer when everyone else is cheering,
which usually means i'm cheering for both teams.

 if i remember correctly my brother got two... or was it three touch downs?
either way i was proud.
he is the the tall guy with yellow legs 
(in the midst of getting pulled down as he makes his way for a touch down).
i am very glad he wears yellow socks because it makes it so much easier to spot him
 when i'm looking at a little camera screen.

 it was a very coooold morning and afternoon and
i had no feeling from my thighs down for several hours afterwards
but it was so worth it.
 i love being able to see my siblings do what they love to do.
i also love being able to spend time with family when it's not the designated family time (holidays).
 i just wish we lived closer so we could do it more often.
it started snowing near the end of the tournament and
i loved it!
 snowflakes are just so pretty!

have a happy weekend friend!
enjoy each moment and treasure the memories.

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  1. aw, looks like fun! & those snowflakes are so lovely. :)

    have a beautiful weekend, friend!

  2. Snow already!! It's 82 degrees here now...I do hope it snows this year though. It didn't last year, but we had nearly 10 inches the year before..that's Texas for ya. Hah! :) Glad you got to spend some time with your family. :)


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