November 30, 2012

this week

 this week started out kinda stressful and is ending with my birthday and a christmas banquet.
i was very thankful to have an understanding loving husband by my side this week and he helped me calm down when i was freaking out and told me to go relax right when i needed it. i am blessed!
 my sweet momma got me these adorable vintage buttons

 she has also been working on this amazing quilt for bebe peanut! 
unfortunately her sewing machine broke down so now she is a little stressed. 
 the paparazzi were after me this week.
i couldn't complain since they are the sweetest nieces ever! 

 christmas arrived and my in-laws house.
 got our christmas cards printed out, now to get them delivered and mailed out. 
(i may still have a large stack of thank you cards from our wedding waiting to go out, but just maybe)
 what happens when a pregnant lady goes grocery shopping on an empty stomach?
ice-cream and raspberries, that's what!
small group this week was much needed, 
so glad we decided to go instead of stay home because we were both so tired.  
psalm 34

 another craving i was more than willing to cave to this week.

it was a busy week
but it was a restful week in ways that we were not expecting.
the Lord carried me through because i didn't have the strength and i am so thankful.

this weekend will be full of celebrating birthdays and visiting family!


  1. Love those sweet buttons and the beautiful quilt! Hope you get some rest this weekend.

  2. Happy birthday this weekend!! I have a December birthday too - yay for getting a year's worth of presents all in one month, right? :)

    I just found your blog, and it's adorable. I'm excited to be your newest follower!



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