March 28, 2011

25 by 25 Update

Good day lovelies!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know I did. I had plans on posting pics of the weekend and sharing but I forgot my camera in Clint's truck so that will be another day.

You may have seen up in my tab bar that one is titled '25 by 25' you can read about it here. I have slowly been working on a few of those goals. Over the winter I have been working on granny squares, they are just the easiest things to make and I'm hoping to turn them into a lovely afgan.

Aren't those colours just the most beautiful?! I just love them! I laid them out so I could bask in their beauty. I also wanted to see how much I had, the total is 88 thus far. I have a feeling that I won't make them for a while since it is now spring and crocheting is just not really a spring or summer pass time but who knows.

Also I have a question for ya. How do you put the squares together? If you know any good tutorials or something let me know please. I would really appreciate it.



  1. Oh my gosh- I'm so impressed!!! As a brand new crochet-er....I have no tips, but simply wanted to say that so far it looks gorgeous! And I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. oh my I stopped in my tracks... love your color combos... and jealous I don't know how to do that ;-)

  3. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! I must say--I am so impressed with this project!! I cannot do this, not at all. It is so beautiful, well done!!!


  4. those are beautiful!

  5. lovely work! I'm going to have to make a list for 25 by 25. It's a great way to accomplish some goals!

  6. Gorgeous! I love making granny squares. You can slip stitch them together, but I prefer to crochet them together as you go - it will add an extra round. Here's a tutorial for slip stitching them together the whole website is well worth a read, loads of free patterns, stitches and tutorials.
    and try this tutorial for crocheting them together Again, this is another amazing crochet blog.

  7. ooooh my goodness. love those granny squares!

  8. I adore granny square blankets! This one looks liks it's going to be amazing. Nice work!

  9. Love those colors! reminds me of a Klimpt painting...
    Good luck w/ getting them together, I've done little things and just seemed them together, but never a whole blanket! Very cool indeed!

  10. they are lovely, I have no clue how to put them together?? Have you checked youtube? I am convinced you can learn anything on there! Thanks for linking up at my party!


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