March 8, 2011

this, that and a recipe

Hello lovelies and a warm welcome if this is your first time stopping by!

As I have mentioned before I am on reading week I have piles of papers and books around me and so many open word tabs. Unfortunately, I am not very good at staying on task.
My list of things to do this week:
  • field education paper
  • social science & Christianity reflection
  • western civilization discussion paper
  • anthropology of music, music review
  • make my resume (it got deleted from my computer, such a sad sad day when I realized that)
  • read In Praise of Doubt by Peter Berger
Out of this list I have finished my field ed paper, started my resume (so hard finding contact numbers and remember dates, ugh), and started social science reflection paper. Slowly but surely it will get finished, because it has to!

I gave my Clint his birthday present and he LOVES it! He was showing it off to everyone. I bought him a wonderful mug from Appleware Pottery it is such a lovely Etsy shop! My dear Clinty is at work right now so I'm using it... tee hee...
{hello cute moose} {show case the cuteness}

{i liked my hair so here's me}

I made some lovely iced English toffee coffee. Yummy! It is so easy peasy to make.
  • crushed ice (sometimes i make coffee ice cubes so that my coffee doesn't get watered down)
  • cold coffee (left overs from the morning works great)
  • splash of flavoring in this case English toffee
Put ice in the mug, splash the flavoring on top, pour coffee over it all, then enjoy!
Clint wanted to take pictures with his mug, I will post those later. He is just so stinking cute and hilarious! You will see.



  1. Just wanted to write to thank you for following my blog, and to wish you good luck in the give-away. And now I'm your newest follower! :-) ~Lori

  2. hello!! new follower here!! i totally want to make the iced English toffee coffee, yum sounds soo good!! but i should probably sleep now.. haha!!

  3. Hi Amber! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :) Wow your week sounds busy but full of interesting literature. Cute giant moose mug too & I agree your hair is certainly worth a photo!!


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