March 2, 2011

Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card

Hello lovely friends.

The time now is 8:43 which means the library closes in one hour and 17 minutes.... I currently have 299 words written on my paper which means I have 1201 more words to go. That really is not a whole lot but I am really not a paper writer. Third year of school and in the home stretch. April 15th is going to come so fast! Anyways, to break my paper writing boredom (and paper writing concentration) I took some lovely pictures of me 'writing' and being oh so 'studious'. (side note: BENNY GUESS WHAT!!!! The library has a huge Coke display in the glass case things, just thought you should know... I would have taken a picture but i didn't want to bring my laptop there... that would just be weird and you know I'm not weird HAHA!)

So yes this is me in the library clearly I am working hard, you may have also noticed that I have head phones in well that is because I am listening to the wonderful new album of the wonderful miss Adele.
Go give her a little listen, you will love her! I promise!

The time now 9:08 which means I have 52 more minutes left in the library to get this paper done. Word count... still 299.



  1. Is that an obscure quote from Arthur? Love it. =)

  2. wait everyone is talking about this cd!!!!! i need to just buy it already!!!

  3. you're not eh? I think you would have been able to inconspicuosly take your lappy over and take a picture... take your camera in, i wanna see it. Also, nice hair Amby, looks good.

  4. Thanks for stopping by the other day! I have some SEVERE ADD when writing papers. So, I understand your pain. I also LOVE Adele! I haven't listened to her new album, yet. :(


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