March 15, 2011

i {heart} owls - 4

Hello friends! I hope this day is treating you well (what does that even mean, can a day actually treat you?) I am back at school realizing four weeks is not very much time to do all that I have to do, especially when I sleep through my alarm clock.

Well today is I {heart} owls # 4 such fun! Todays owls are brought you by my lovely boyfriend yet again (he knows my love of owls). I got them for my birthday this past year and they are just the most adorable! He got them at my most favorite store, Ten Thousand Villages. Take a peek and see what I mean. Everything is so beautiful and fair trade!

{these are my little guys or girls i guess}

{look how cute}

I usually have then on a stake of old books with my lamp... want to see? Of course you do!

{perched so sweetly}
That is all for today!


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  1. They are wonderful! I've never seen any like them before. Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting on my dresses!


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