December 15, 2011

as i avoided writing my final paper...

...i found some fabulous tutorials and links and thought i would share them with you!

i love this tutorial on lace trimming your socks. i love little personal details like this in an outfit.
with the snow blowing out side its nice to be cozy inside and this...
t-shirt rug is so perfect!
we all have extra t-shirt laying around so you wouldn't even need to buy anything!jewelry pile up so easily, especially earrings with all there cute little details and such
so this lace earring display is a perfect and pretty way of avoiding that mess.i stumbled across these journals.
they are amazing.
inside there are little prompts to help you in your journaling journey.
they are a tool to help you celebrate your life .
there are different types: prayer journals, recipe journals,
life journals, kids journals and activity books and
loads more in Katies shop, Gadanke.
seriously go now and check them out!

happy almost weekend

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