December 16, 2011

my life this week according to my phone

wooo-hoo its Christmas break!that doesn't really effect me to much though, i still have to work.
campus is completely dead though but
best of all clint is in holidays so we get lots of time together... to wedding plan! this week the weather was crazy!! it was raining in december in manitoba... that is unheard of! and made for very slow and dangerous driving conditions.i got this for my birthday and have been enjoying it greatly! thank you lynnette!
Christmas banquet fun! my very last one as a college student at providence university college.
i managed to finish up my paper even though i procrastinated at every chance i got.
baked some super duper yummy Christmas cookies!i have been trying to use small balls of yarn that i have filling baskets around my place.
i have really been enjoying my new job! i am working with intellectually disabled adults, i couldn't ask for a better job right now!


  1. what a great week...i'm totally jealous of your snow (it hasn't snowed at all and i live in boston)! love the pine cones too...i tried to make a wreath but it went horribly array!
    happy friday :)

  2. mmm yummy! i love christmas cookies!! :D


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