December 6, 2011

sippin peppermint tea

good morning
today i'll be sipping on some peppermint teayesterday was our first really cold day
my legs went numb as i walked to school
i had forgotten what real cold felt like but now i remember and i want spring again

i woke up to a wonderful text announcing the arrival of my newest cousin
Tehay Faith Marie Branconier
she is a cutie pie and i can't wait to hold her, hug her, and kiss her!

i have been planning bits and pieces of our wedding everyday
i am loving how it is coming together
today i am meeting with the location rental guy and caterer to figure out a menu
and find out how many pennies are coming out of the piggy bank

the only problem with planning a wedding while still being in school
is that i justify not doing my homework
but it is a good thing i only have six questions and a six page paper left for this semester...
no exams!

i best go get ready to head to the city to research for my final paper.
enjoy your day!


  1. how exciting to be planning your wedding! we've been married over 22 years *eek*
    thanks for tea/coffee :)

  2. oooh, peppermint tea sounds yummy, gonna have to put that on my shopping list!!


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