December 14, 2011

histroy of pretty things

as clint and i were planning for the wedding
i remembered boutonnieres,
i figured they would be simple enough to make so i found some inspiration.
harvest boutonnieregrooms boutonniere

as i was looking at them i thought what is the reason for have a boutonniere?
what is the history behind them?all natural boutonnierefeather boutonniere

according to wiki they are just there to look pretty.
there is no other significant purpose to them.

this makes me think of all the traditions that we cling so closely to
do we know why certain traditions have been passed down?
what they truly mean?
what traditions do you have?
not only are traditions followed in weddings but
also during this up coming Christmas season.

1 comment:

  1. I did research on traditions in weddings as well, and you will be surprised to find that most things people hold onto so dearly in weddings are merely a preference that someone had before that just got passed down. For our wedding, we honestly just went through the entire ceremony and reception and decided what we wanted to include and what we did not. We found that it made it perfectly us and even our guests still tell us that they loved how much everything reflected the two of us. Just something to think about during this time of joy for yourself :).


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