December 8, 2011

Christmas-y home tour

hello and welcome
grab a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, what ever Christmas-y drink you wish and join me as i give you a quick little tour of my placei live in a basement suite so as you come down the stairs you will be greeted by this lovely little wreath i made from a vine. unfortunately living in a basement means a lot of unnatural light but it is still cozy, warm and very beth and amber.
as you come in you will find our little note centre and where we drop our keys. the little gingerbread man and bird keep a good watch of the place. i found some bittersweet in the ditch and my dear clint went and cut it down for me. i'm a sucker for bringing the outdoors in. i also made some gingerbread men garland and hung it up in the we move into the livingroom you will find, yet again, some outside life indoors. i love red willow branches and clint once again so lovingly went and cut some down for me. our simple tree is decorated with gingerbread men and little snowmen. i made some very simple but cute (in my opinion) stockings to up. under them is a nativity scene my great great aunt bought me years ago. it is so cute and colourful.
beth and i have candles scattered e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. and out place smells amazing because of it. i just got this bath and body works, butter and rum, candle and it always smells like baking :)on the other side of the living room is a wonderful built in desk and bookshelves. this is my sewing area and where all of our lovely Christmas music comes from. together we have a collection of books, vintage pieces passed down from grandparents, candles, and recipes books that we display is my room. i'm keeping it real here friends, its the last week of school so there are papers and things laying about. i once again have branches :) there was lots of left over bittersweet so i tied it together and hung it from the ceiling. i want to make some little birds to perch on the branches. once again the gingerbread men make an appearance on yet more red willow branches. i have little cluster of candles, old bottles, perfume, and an etsy print.

this is my first place (besides dorm) so far it has been great.
i have loved decorating for Christmas for the first time in my own place.
i hope you enjoyed this little tour.
come back again some time.


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