December 5, 2011

decorative gingerbread men

I have a super cute and easy Christmas craft that makes your house smell yummmy!
They are little gingerbread men...they smell great but would be gross to eat, even though they look yummy.
~ .5 cup salt
~ .5 cup white flour
~ 4-5 tbsp cinnamon
~ 1 tbsp nutmeg
~ water

~mix the dry ingredients together
~add water one tbsp at a time add enough water so that you get a play-dough texture
~lightly dust the surface you are working on with cinnamon
~plop the dough on the dusted surface and roll the dough out to approx 1/4 inch thickness,
not to thin or they will be to fragile after they are baked
~use a cookie cutter to get the shapes you want, i use gingerbread men but stars, stockings, bears, and snowflakes or whatever you have would be fun too
~add a little hole with a straw on top so you can put string through and hang them
~bake them at 200 degrees for 2.5 hours... they NEED to be fully dry or they just break apart
~after they are cooled you can decorate them if you wish
i hot glued some buttons on some or you can paint them too

they smell super yummy and look super cute

have fun!

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  1. Very cute! Thanks for telling me they aren't for eating-they look so yummy!

    Best Christmas wishes,

  2. SO CUTE!! and you can decorate them and make them dance all over your house! ha ha i love it! Thank you for linking up!



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